I spent most of my career writing code - mostly Ruby on Rails and Objective-C, and in the last few years I’ve been mostly in Engineering Management, which means writing less code and managing people and strategy more.

But thanks to extra time and headspace introduced by COVID-19 related #StayHome social distancing and lockdown measures (aka Circuit Breaker if you’re in πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬), I’ve taken the opportunity to bring myself up to date and rekindle my relationship with writing and deploying code.

And the best part is that I get to do it together with my favourite person on earth πŸ’›

One of the other major things I’ve always wanted to do was to reboot my personal website,, which was previously hosted on tumblr, but since I deleted my account there, has not really been rebooted, until now. Here we are.

So far here are the things I’ve done/want to do:

  • Completed 5 quests of #MajulahGCP1 (and got myself some swag for completing)
  • Picked up some advanced kubernetes skills and concepts
  • Reboot as a static site using Hugo
  • Learning SwiftUI
  • Learn the Combine framework
  • Create my own Chat UI based “Couples/Home” app

  1. MajulahGCP has ended so I only have my completion tweet as proof: